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The Best Places for Cocktails in Napa Valley

New to Napa Valley is NapaSport — a long-anticipated concept in the wine-centric valley. With a large center bar with TV screen after HDTV screen with separate receivers, an authentic white maple gymnasium floor, private booths with their own TVs and much-better-than-bar-food bar food (think elevated hot wings and five cuts of beef with four sauce options), this premium sports bar is carving out its niche rather nicely. 

Where to eat in Napa, according to Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

NapaSport’s owner, Michael Galyen – formerly the general manager of Morimoto Napa – created an innovative, dual-personality restaurant concept in the South Century Napa Center. One side is a sleek, modern sports bar where guests can munch on lighter fare while cheering on their favorite teams on TV. Beyond the bar is a stylish dining room serving up great steaks and wine. Entrée favorites include prime rib, filet mignon and ribeye, along with burgers, roasted chicken and seasonal fish.

Napa Finally Got the Sports Bar It Deserves

Just in time for March Madness, Napa finally gets a true sports bar with the opening of NapaSport. Just don’t expect sticky floors, cheap pitchers of light beer and the standard, uninspired bar fare: True to its name, NapaSport is a sports bar with Wine Country’s signature elevated style. So yes, there will be hot wings and nachos—constructed with freshly fried tortilla chips and pickled jalapeños, of course—but also five cuts of beef, cut to order, with four sauce options.

NapaSport scores a win combining fine dining and sports bar

When you walk in the front door and onto the glossy gymnasium floor at NapaSport, you’ll be greeted by Michael Galyen. His wardrobe choice perfectly captures the idea of the place. With his blue sport coat he gives off a fine-dining vibe, but his Converse tennis shoes are sports bar chic.

New Eats

Combine a contemporary sports bar with a high-end steak house, and you’ve got the ultimate man cave from Morimoto’s Michael Galyen. Ladies love it as well, and why not—think elegant seared ahi soba alongside the luscious fried chicken and custom-cut 12-ounce New York strip.

NapaSport: A versatile new dining spot wins a warm welcome

After NapaSport opened its doors in south Napa in March, I’ve visited several times, each time noting that its welcoming feel has made it a daily spot for a number of guests; the bar is always at least half full no matter what time of the day, early lunch, afternoon or dinner time.

New sports bar planned for South Napa

Michael Galyen has been working as general manager of Morimoto Napa since it opened in 2010; now the restaurant pro will be taking all the lessons he’s learned — and taught — to a new project of his own: a sports bar in south Napa.